Joseph E. and Sarah Knight Law

Transcript donated by: Myra Sims

LAW Family Bible is possession of: Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Hogan


Joseph E Law was born February 15th 1799

Sarah Knight, wife of Joseph E. Law was born Oct 13th 1815

Sarah F. Law was born November 15th 1835

Thomas J. Law was born March 24th 1837

Joseph N. Law was born June 28th 1838

Mary B. Law was born December 5th 1839

Martha A. Law was born September 16th 1841

Laura Matilda Law was born Jany 29th 1843

Samuel B. Law was born April 13th 1844

Cornelia Clifard Law was born 25 of November 1845

Rebecca Amanda Law was born 26 of Oct. 1847

Hannah B. Law was born 22 of Oct 1849

Harriet Evelin Law was born the 22 of August 1851

Charles Nathaniel Law was born 10 April 1835

David Eliot Law was born the 13th of June 1855

Clara Victoria Law was born March 29th 1858


Mary L Zipperer

T. E. Hogans was born January 30th 1888

J. J. Hogans was born January 15th 1890

A W Hogans was born August 10 1892

Melvin R, Zipperer was born March 5th 1893

Ella Jackson was born September 20th 1867

Emma Jackson was born March 11th 1869

Laura T. Zipperer was born th 9 Janry 1868

Robert B. Zipperer was born January 29 1872

Mary S. Zipperer was borned 4 of Oct 1875

Clifford V. Zipperer was borned August 10 1869

Lilla Cleolia Zipperer was born December 5 1875


Joseph E. Law and Sarah Knight were married Oct 15th 1834

Joseph E. Law and Charolle Westbrook was married February 4 1865

W. F. T. Thorpe and Sarah F. Law daughter of Joseph E. & Sarah LAW was married 2nd march 1851

Thomas E. Zipperer and Clifford C. Law daughter of Joseph E. Law & Sarah Law was marred July 15 1865

Thomas W. Mathis Ella Jackson Married Jan 28 1886

R. B. Zipperer was married to Cora Ellen Barton January 1892

Thomas Zipperer and Mary B Law, daughter of J.E. Law & Sarah Law married the 12th Jan. 1858

Thomas Clark and Martha A Law daughter of J.E. Law Sarah Law was married the 19th Jan 1858

Henry Jackson and Marth A. Clark Daughter of Jos E. Law and Sarah Law was married December 5th 1864

Silas A. Richardson and Lilla F. Zipperer was married December the 2l 1893


Mary S. Cason died May 7, 1934

Sarah E. Law died 22nd August 1851

Laura Matilda Law died the 8th of August 1857

Hannah B. Law died the 10 of July 1853

Joseph Eliot Law died August 23,1871 Age 72 Six months & 7 days

Clifford Victoria died the 11 of October 1870

John M. Zipperer died May 5th 1876 Age 60 3 m.

Joseph M. Law died June 10th 1867

Sarah Law died September 18th 1864 Age 48 years 4 months and 28 days

Mary B. Zipperer died January 17 1876 Age 37 years and one month

Caroline M. Zipperer died May 29 1890 Age 68 6months

Thomas E.Zipperer died November the 21,1897 Age 52 years and two months, 9 days

Clifford C. Zipperer died Feb the 5th 1902 Age 56 ys two months and eleven days

Jess H. Cason died Dec 20th 1945

Herbert Lee Cason born June 18 1898

Herbert died June 11 1959

Virgie Cason Anderson died Aug 3 1984

Thomas Seiman Cason born July 5 1894

Died February 23, 1895

Jessy Vernon (CASON) born December 26, 1895

Died September 9th 1897

Herbert Lee Cason was born June 19,1898

Bonnie Fay Cason was born December 30,1903

Carolyn Cook daughter was born Aug 28,1923 (4Yrs)

Virgie Mae Cason was born May 22 nd, 1908

Virginia Cason was born 9th day of December 1921 daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Cason Died 10th Nov 1922